As part of Medicat's Partner Ecosystem, Registry Interfaces increase efficiency and save money while improving patient safety, reclaiming valuable staff resources, and streamlining workflow.

State Immunization Registry

The state-sponsored immunization registries were originally designed and built as a repository and inventory tracking system for vaccines provided in the state either through the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program or purchased privately through medical facilities in the state. Now, COVID-19 vaccines are also managed the same way as the VFC vaccines.

This registry interface allows your facility to

  • Retrieve existing immunization records from the registry for your students and employees.
  • Electronically report vaccines administered, including the related inventory details and other required reporting elements.
  • Participate in the COVID-19 vaccine distribution and/or VFC program

This registry interface is a requirement of most states in order to receive the COVID-19 vaccines.

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State Communicable Disease Registry (a.k.a. DPH Reporting of Communicable Diseases)

The Department of Public Health in each state has required reporting of positive cases of specified communicable diseases for many years (e.g., tuberculosis, syphilis, etc.). Most have supported manual reporting of paper records being faxed to the DPH. Now, with all the new requirements for COVID-19 reporting, states are allowing electronic reporting either via secure file transfer or a uni-directional interface. This allows the medical facility to easily transmit the necessary information to the State DPH avoiding the costly manual process of recording and notifying the state.

This interface can be established to send the appropriate data electronically to the state based on their specifications and data requirements. Whether real-time or in batch, the data is provided in a timely fashion. For those facilities that operate lab equipment that is CLIA-waived as well as those who operate under the CLIA guidelines, this interface saves staff valuable time and provides the peace of mind that they are in compliance with State and Federal mandates regarding communicable disease reporting.